Edward Sanda, Cleopatra Stratan, Codruța Filip și Valentin Sanfira au pregătit un altfel de colind: „Moșule de unde ai bani?”

Composed by Edward Sanda together with Cleopatra Stratan, Codruța Filip and Valentin Sanfira, „Santa where did you get money from?” is about love, friendship, but also about old Santa Claus who never forgets to give his best and more beautiful.„I wrote this carol during a session in which both I and Edi, Codruța and Vali participated. The basic idea of ​​the song started right from Vali and we liked it and from there we developed and this cool song came out. We wanted a super optimistic project to come out and convey a very good mood through it. We had a lot of fun, both in the studio when we recorded «Santa where do you get money?», and during the filming, where we laughed out loud. We want to thank the people from Dulcinella, who sweetened our video and filming, but also to Silviu, who screened our story so beautifully”, says Cleopatra about the collaboration with the three artists.  „This Christmas piece was done very quickly, in two days. It was Vali who came up with the idea for „Santa, where did you get the money?” and let’s make a funnier carol, After we met at the studio where everyone came up with an idea and that’s how it was built. And more than that, we also combined two musical styles, pop and folk, for Vali to keep his mark. I filmed the video in one night with Silviu Mîndroc. Everything happened very quickly, and the piece enjoys a very good feedback from the people”, says Edward Sanda.Edward Sanda debuted with the song and clip „Doar pe a ta”, a featuring with Ioana Ignat, which conquered the specialty charts. Followed by tracks such as „Simply clothes”, „Nicio zi présa tine”, „În palma ta” (with Ioana Ignat), „Vintage” (a featuring Lidia Buble), which gathered tens of millions of views on YouTube and „In Tandem”, with Arando Marquez. Over time, Edward has collaborated with artists such as AMNA, Lidia Buble, and together with Cleopatra Stratan released „Love, please”, a song of exhortation for all those who love, but let pride rule their minds and broken hearts .Cleopatra Stratan has known worldwide success since the age of 3 with the hit „Ghita”, which was heard in countries such as Japan, Spain and Mexico. Since 2008, the artist has her own doll, and in 2009 she is included by the website oddee.com in the top of child prodigies, where she ranks 4th. After several successful singles including „Te las cu inima” , „Kiss me”, „I lost myself”, „At my door” and „Love, please” with Edward Sanda. Cleopatra Stratan released „It’s About You,” a soulful ballad about love.Filip Codruța-Elena was born in Bucovina Mică Tataruși, Iași county and although she has been singing since the age of 14, the artist chose to attend the Faculty of Law in Iași. Codruța performed light singing-music at the Children’s Palace and participated in numerous national and international competitions. She also participated in several beauty contests, where she won the top prize. Interpreter of popular music, over time, Valentin Sanfira was the presenter of a culinary show. Among his songs are „From the child from the country”, „When two hearts unite”, „Omule ce est pe mundo” and „You knocked me off my feet”.

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